About Us

The Return Of The Ice Cream Truck


Powell River spent many long years without a local Ice Cream Man.

Darryl Jackson achieved a dream, the dream to bring an ice cream truck to Powell River.

However, it wasn’t just his dream – it was the dream of the town. The adults dreamt of nostalgia. The children dreamt of the relief of a sweet, cold treat in the middle of summer.

Read below to learn our journey so far.


2016 - First Year

The ice cream truck rolled into Powell River on July 1, 2016. Under previous ownership it was used exclusively at festivals all over Vancouver Island. We wanted to bring the nostalgia of the ice cream truck back into our neighborhoods, and with that goal came a long list of renovations that had to be done.

We started by installing the classic ice cream music box and loudspeaker on top of the truck, and because we wanted to bring the truck to your neighborhoods, we cut in a hinged awning style serving window into the side of the truck, installed an inverter system and gave the interior a fresh coat of paint.

It wasn't until the first week of September, 2016 that we were able to take our inaugural runs through town, but when we did we had a great time! Thankfully we had a little bit of a long summer and the weather stayed with us long enough that we were out and about until mid-October, ending our year by helping out the kids at Henderson Elementary with their Halloween fundraiser.

2017 - Expanded Menu

Last year we were limited to pre-packaged treats, but this year we stepped it up a notch and bring you more of your favourites like snow cones and cold drinks on top of all your favourite novelty ice cream treats!

The truck had to go through some major renovations to make it Foodsafe compliant so that we can bring these new products to you. These included proper washing/sanitizing sinks, a separate hand washing sink, a refrigerator, and hot water on demand. We also decided to spruce up the truck with a proper serving window, new decals, rewiring the inside of the truck and giving it a fresh interior coat of paint.

In addition we now have an official Ice Cream Man character and ice cream treat characters, unique to The Ice Cream Man.

2018 - First Solar Powered Ice Cream Truck in Canada

We've raised the bar once again. We are constantly trying to improve ourselves. Our service, our products and our environmental impact.

This year we've adding solar panels to the roof of the truck, which makes us the first ice cream truck in Canada to use solar power! That's right. In our ongoing quest to bring you the best experience we can, we also want to bring you that experience in the best way that we can. The solar panels can run the equipment inside the truck all day long without the need to run generators.

2018.2 - Allergy Friendly Ice Cream

We've added to our menu. We are aware and conscientious of people's dietary restrictions and would like everyone to enjoy the experience, so we've changed a number of our products to Chapmans brand.

Chapmans has a number of items that are gluten free, peanut free, nut free and even dairy free. Any of their products that aren't designed to have nuts in them are made in a completely separate factory to ensure there is no chance of cross contamination, allowing those with nut allergies to enjoy a cold treat safely.

Remember Dixie cups with the little wooden spoon? Chapmans has a similar product in a variety of flavors. One of them is even an orange sorbet! They don't come with the little wooden spoons in them anymore, so we will provide you with wooden spoons separately for them.

2019 - Re-loadable Ice Cream Cards and Dairy-Free Ice Cream

We are always pushing forward in our quest to bring the traditional feel into the modern world. This year, that meant the introduction of re-loadable ice cream cards.

Not very long ago people used to carry cash with them everywhere. Now that bank cards and credit cards are used more frequently, cash is becoming less common. We started taking credit cards and debit tap last year, but this year have decided to add re-loadable ice cream cards. We can't think of an easier way to get the treats that you and your kids want on a nice day when the truck rolls by.

Treats for when the babysitter is over, rewards for chores, even use them as gifts. The possibilities are endless.

Also, ever aware of people's dietary restrictions and wanting to include everyone we've started carrying a new product from Haagen-Dazs. A coconut caramel ice cream bar. Delicious!

Locally Owned & Operated in Powell River, BC

We are a locally owned family business currently serving the Powell River area from Saltery Bay to Sliammon bringing smiles to children and doing good for our community.

We hope to see you soon!